The Amazing MessThe world's a mess and you're in it

Beast Mode Pizza – 005


After being rendered physically ill by a Little Caesar’s ‘hot and ready soft pretzel crust’ commercial Dave and Ben go wherever the poison takes them. In this epic trip, they innocently begin by going over the NFL picks for the week, but quickly diverge into the menacing world of locker room politics and race baiting, […]

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Ebola Brothers – 004


Dave and Ben find sanctuary from the Ebola scare in the confines of podcasting, aka ‘their own heart of darkness’. However they are sadly reminded that there is no safe place and no cold or flu too benign as a child from their hometown was taken all to soon by the tragically under reported entro-virus […]

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They’re At It Again… – 003


After breaking the ice with tedious talk about ginger ale cans and bottles of hot sauce, Ben and Dave get down to business and talk about Adrian Peterson and beating his kids, Ray Rice’s left hook, and the deep waters that the NFL chose to swim in when they signed on to conquer every family […]

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Boom Goes Your Soul – 002


Game day Bucket Go Boom!!! Ben and Dave welcome in the NFL season with a boom. For the 20th season in a row the most valuable player in the NFL has been its advertising. In this episode Dave and Ben pay homage to one of it’s most infuriating and socially troublesome adds to date the […]

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Cosmic Deities & Dehydrated Ballers – 001


Dave plays pick up street ball and comes back with tales from the dark side. On his journey he witnesses a 52-year-old Buddha with a proclivity for knocking back as many tall boys as he can turnaround jump shots. He also observes that the ‘legend of Moody Park’ has an endocrine system that puts cosmic […]

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